Driven by Sizing, Built Around You.

ALLTER is a free app that provides online shoppers with their correct size in various online retailers. With ALLTER you can always be sure that you will receive a size that fits you. Never be frustrated with returning and exchanging clothes again!

The Problem

Any woman who's ever been shopping knows the struggle. You pick up a pair of jeans from the rack in a size you know you wear, yet when you try them on, they're far too small. Inconsistency in sizing makes every shopping trip a pain, and with the popularity of online shopping, that struggle has grown tenfold. Having to pick your size online, wait for it to arrive, only then to find out it doesn't fit and have to go through the pain of returns. That struggle is what inspired ALLTER.


The Idea

ALLTER wants to make shopping fun again. The idea is simple. You give ALLTER your measurements and ALLTER gives you your perfect size on the first try. No more bringing six pairs of jeans to the fitting room and no more sending half your order back because the sizing doesn't make sense.


The Solution

ALLTER does all that and more. Once you take the quick and easy sizing quiz, ALLTER finds clothes that would fit you from your favorite stores and puts them all together in one place so you don't have to go hunting or worry about return processess ever again.